About Us

Welcome to a new era of hair treatment!

Being one of the most promising suppliers of professional cosmetics in Eastern Europe and having connections with hundreds of chemists and technologists around the world, in 2019 Flario Group opens its own production in the heart of Europe and begins developing its own unique brand of professional hair cosmetics, taking into account all the experience gained over decades of work with various products in highly competitive markets.

In 2021, the first presentation of the professional brand Limba Cosmetics took place, where the world's first line of keratins with a protector in the composition, developed in collaboration with talented eminent chemists from Brazil, was presented.

In 2022, a molecular hair care system was developed, which includes cold hair restoration lines, a line of organic cosmetics and a unique line of activators that enhance the effect of products of any brands by embedding into the coarse layers of the hair.

Our factory located in the heart of Europe has certified high-tech equipment, a warehouse of high-quality raw materials from leading European manufacturers, as well as a scientific laboratory for the development of unique recipes. The brand regularly updates its range in accordance with the latest trends in the global cosmetics industry, as well as the demand and expectations of consumers on the world stage.

By joining Limba Cosmetics, you become part of the synergy of innovative international developments, Eastern European values and guaranteed European quality.

Now Flario Group is a large international company headquartered in Dubai with stocks in Prague, which provides a stable supply of products of its own production and training of professionals around the world. We unite professionals and develop them by annually holding international meetings - conferences in different parts of the world.

Limba cosmetics unites the world of hair beauty.

Motto: True Beauty is Found Within

Vision / Mission:
- We create professional hair cosmetics and form the right habits for hair care and health in general
- We combine international production technologies, intercultural approaches and values to quality and communication
- We do not prescribe strict rules to be followed
- We inspire you to be creative and inventive We create opportunities for everyone who seeks professional growth and development in the field of beauty

Limba Cosmetics is a community of people who are united by the desire for excellence and beauty in everything. These are professionals and beauty stylists who choose the best for their clients, these are beauty experts and people who choose the best for themselves.

- Beauty (outer and inner beauty reflects love for oneself and the world)
- Expertise (the best in the industry work with us)
- Openness (excursions to production, direct communication with chemists)
- Proactivity (exhibitions, new ideas and products, PR activity)
- Community (events with like-minded people, networking, continuous development)
- Self-development (no limits, we create our own reality together with clients, constantly in trend in search of the best for ourselves and our clients)